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Adventure holiday

An adventure vacation in a beautiful natural setting

What is an experiential vacation? Everyone interprets it slightly differently. Some seek adventures, some seek new experiences or wild thrills. Others simply want to escape from their everyday lives to gather new energy in the midst of beautiful nature.

People’s desire to spend time in a natural environment and, at the same time, encounter some physical challenges means that active vacations and their various possibilities are becoming increasingly important.

Experiential Vacation in Laukatagus

For those seeking an experiential vacation, we offer the opportunity to hike nature trails, explore the marsh with a guide, strengthen team spirit through photo and rabbit hunts, climb the watchtower and sky ladder, try your hand at air rifle shooting, sumo wrestling, organize archery tournaments, play bubble soccer, engage in a film game, participate in murder mysteries, science quests, ‘Search and Rescue’ operations, code-breaking challenges, film festivals, F1 races, and many other adventure games. All of this is possible in our recreational village on a 5.5-hectare green and forested area, or practicing rowing in a self-made raft on a 2-hectare water surface.

We collaborate with reliable partners, so please let us know your wishes and ideas either by phone at +372 5656 7918 or through the booking form on our website.

After an active day, you can look forward to a sauna, a hearty meal, and accommodation!

Come and enjoy a wonderful, active vacation at Laukatagus!

Elamuspank attractions:

  • Human Foosball
  • Bubble Football
  • Canoe Rally
  • Robin Hood Archery Tournament
  • Climbing the Watchtower
  • Kiiking (Swinging)
  • Air Rifles
  • Climbing Wall
  • Rabbit Hunt
  • Ar. Drone Parrot Flying Machine
  • Trapeze Jump
  • Sky Ladder
  • Sumo Arena
  • Zipline
  • Tiger Track Bungee Trampoline
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Low Adventure Course
  • Zorb Ball

Elamuspank games:

  • Raft Building
  • Film Game: Freeze Frame
  • Murder Mystery
  • Science Hunt
  • Code Breakers
  • Search and Rescue Operation
  • First Aid ABC
  • Geocaching
  • Cash Rally
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Learn, Learn, Learn (NEW!)
  • Escape Room
  • Disc Golf
  • F1 Racing (NEW!)
  • FAT Bike Cycling Tour
  • Film Festival
  • Karl Väino Puzzle (NEW!)
  • Kapo Listens (NEW!)
  • Estonian Game (NEW!)
  • Fax from Headquarters (NEW!)
  • Teamwork Olympics
  • Noeasyday
  • Loquiz

The hiking trails from Laukatagus lead to the Kõnnumaa Landscape Reserve, where you can hike in the Palasi, Keava, and Loosalu swamps.

Within the landscape reserve, you can also find Paluküla Hiiemägi and Reevimägi, as well as the Keava Hills, popularly known as “Mäi mets.”

In the Keava Hills, you’ll find the Linnusemägi, which dates back to the year 1054.

Nature hikes with the guidance of Suur Seiklus OÜ hiking guides

  • Ice Skating Trip
  • Skiing Trip
  • Canoe Trip
  • Kick-Sledding Trip
  • Snowshoeing Trip
  • Swamp Hike
  • Loosalu Swamp Trip

There are activities for children to enjoy while playing

  • Play mini football
  • Play volleyball
  • Swim in the pond
  • Jump on the trampoline (by appointment) – Naerumaa OÜ (

Once the children have had their fill of running, jumping, and swimming, Madise Farm offers horse-drawn carriage rides in the summer and sleigh rides in the winter, allowing them to explore the surrounding nature.

A survival course in the woods puts both the body and mind to the test. Participants learn various simple tricks and truths about how to survive in the forest. Teamwork, active adventure, invaluable experience, water, mud, and laughter – all of this can be found in the survival course!

For a more relaxed pastime, you can play croquet, petanque, or go fishing to gather fresh thoughts and new energy.

Croquet is played with two teams, and the objective of the game is to use a croquet mallet to hit the ball through gates 1-7, touch the ball with a turning stake, pass through the gates 8-14 on the way back, and touch the main stake. The winning team is, of course, the one that accomplishes this first.

An ideal way to spend a fun time with friends and colleagues is through the new adventure game “Archery Battle.” Archery Battle provides an opportunity to enjoy a sporty pastime and develop new skills. The activity is suitable for people of all ages and does not require any special skills. A sufficient training session precedes the game to ensure that everyone feels safe and can already play as competent archers.

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Animals from the Scottish Highlands region have comfortably settled in various places in the Estonian countryside. The Scottish Highland cattle acquired in 2019 are now beautifying the landscape on a specially prepared territory at Laukatagune and keeping the undergrowth clear in the recreational area.

Majestic in appearance and powerful in nature, these animals add primitive spirit and attractiveness to the recreational village.

As one of the services for guests, we offer a guided hike with Rain, lasting up to 2 hours, introducing the village of Lau, the history of the recreational village, and the process of forest cultivation, ultimately leading to the Scottish Highland cattle. They always come when called by the landlady or landlord, and then you have to give them something. Beforehand, we buy bread or carrots, and it is also an experience for children to be able to feed the animals.

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