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How has the Laukataguse recreational village developed?

The Laukataguse recreational village is located in Lau village, whose history dates back to 1241 when it was first mentioned as “Laucataux” in the Danish land register. The current name, Laukataguse, derives from there.

When our family business started operating in Laukataguse in 2011, there were already ponds, a smoke sauna, and some unfinished buildings on the premises.

In the process of developing the recreational village, we renovated the old buildings, constructed a sauna house, restrooms, a summer hall, a new boat dock, a terrace for the smoke sauna, and demolished deteriorated structures.

Throughout the construction and development of the buildings and facilities and the site, we paid special attention to preserving the surrounding environment. The result is a picturesque place for relaxation, nature appreciation, fishing, or picnicking for both large and small groups.

Between the two ponds stands the Kuuse summer hall in a log cabin style, capable of accommodating up to 200 people for various events. We offer catering services to groups upon prior reservation.

The construction of the Laukataguse recreational village’s log cabin-style summer hall has been supported by the Leader program.

Renovation of the Laukataguse Recreational Village Building

With this project, we aim to reconfigure the existing unfinished building at Laukataguse Recreational Village in Lau village, Kehtna parish, Raplamaa, into a “Koosolemise hoone” (Gathering Building) to provide catering services and the possibility to organize seminars for guests. Given our location in the midst of beautiful forests and fields, this will contribute to the development of tourism and the local economy in the area. At least three jobs will be created, and cooperation with other small-scale local producers will be enhanced.

Thanks to this support, it is possible to renovate the long-unfinished building and bring it in line with current energy efficiency standards.

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We wish to offer our guests

The opportunity to shake off city fatigue and recharge your energy in a beautifully green countryside. The greenery in our surroundings is harmonious and helps you find yourself and your inner balance.Greenery is like an immovable and restrained force that holds life, contentment, and determination. For us, Estonians, green is associated with spring, joy, the awakening of nature, growth, new hopes, and life opportunities. You can experience all of this at Laukataguse firsthand!

Relaxation, enjoyable activities, and the slower passage of time – this is expressed by the BLUE color in our logo, symbolizing the large ponds found at Laukataguse (nearly 2 hectares). Water and leisure always go hand in hand – activities related to water, like fishing, and swimming provide delightful relaxation. When the weather permits, you can also enjoy the clear blue sky, being away from the everyday and relishing perfect contentment in the picturesque Laukataguse recreational village.

Warmth, sunshine, and friendliness, represented by the YELLOW color in our logo. Yellow is warm, bright, and joyful, and that's why it symbolizes the cozy saunas at Laukataguse – the smoke sauna and the Finnish sauna – as well as the magnificent sunsets. All of this has a cleansing and healing effect. We hope to offer our guests a great mood and lots of warmth!