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We offer catering and drinks pre-ordered based on the group menu under catering services. Food is served on platters to the table or buffee style with hot plates. Food/menu must be agreed upon at least 1 week before the event and the final head count must be known 3 days prior to the event.

Bringing your own alcohol must be agreed prior to the event.


  • Breakfast 8-11€/person
  • Launch 7 -14€/person
  • Dinner 14 – 25€/person
  • Party menu starting at 18€/person
  • Sauna snacks 7€/person
  • Starting from 60 people, catering service available upon prior reservation
  • NB! Catering prices depend on the menu.
  • NB! Bringing your own alcohol is possible by prior arrangement, and we may apply an additional fee. When bringing your own drinks (including alcoholic beverages), the recreational village does not provide service (serving, glasses, etc.) unless for an additional fee if needed.

There is a possibility for ordering a whole pig roast for big events

  • BBQ for the events
  • Whole pig roast
  • Catering
  • Wok-pan food
  • Variety of mealts (sausages, smoked meats)

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