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Windmill cabin

Room details

The Windmill cabin is a cute two story wooden building that is situated between two ponds on a little hill that was formed when the ponds were dug. The Windmill cabin adds a little change to the otherwise flat landscape. A great view opens up from the 2nd floor’s round balcony of the Windmill house to the whole campsite – ponds, sauna cabin, tenting and activities area and summer hall.

Housing in the Windmill Cabin is prefered during summer months.


  • 120€
  • Accommodation for 6 guests
  • No water and toilet available, located in the nearby sauna house or toilet and washing room.
  • 184 m2
  • Accomodations for 8 people
  • 4 beds on ground leveI and 2 on the 1st level
  • 2 additional sleeping spots on a mattress
  • Bedding/towels
  • Electrical heating
  • Parking at the sauna cabin’s parkinglot
  • Bathroom and water are located at the nearby sauna cabin

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