Children and youth camps - Laukataguse puhkeküla

Children and youth camps

Laukataguse campsite is good for organizing camps since we are located in a safe distance from the highways and city noise in a very beautiful place in Raplamaa.

  • Camp accomodations for 22 people in the different campsite facilities
  • Tenting option for 200 people in the tenting area
  • 5 bathroom and 6 showers
  • Smoke and Finnish sauna – used only with the adult permission and supervision
  • 362 m2 summer hall with a fireplace fits up to 200 people
  • Swimming in the pond (only in the designated area and under an adult supervision)
  • Activities and sports

  • Flagpole
  • Volleyball
  • Mini football
  • Sporting events in co-operation with our partners, find out more HERE
  • Catering services, find out more HERE
  • Parking lot