Smoke sauna - Laukataguse puhkeküla

Smoke sauna

Currently the smoke sauna tradition has been slowly dying out for practical reasons. But not at Laukataguse where renting an authentic thatchroofed linden tree smoke sauna is very possible!

Our experience says that there are enough people who consider such sauna experience superior to all else. The smoke sauna is heated by an open firepit and smoke exits through openings in the wall. The sauna is heated for almost a whole day, followed by a proper airing. There will be more wood added to the pit during the sauna process. It has been said that the one who has not been to smoke sauna has never expericenced real heat. If you want to experience it on your own skin, then renting the smoke sauna is just for you!


  • Sauna snacks for an extra charge
  • Experiencing the heat for 4-5 hours
  • Sauna washing and birch swatching in the same room

  • Ice hole in the winter
  • Refeshing pond in the summer
  • Terrace with a swimming dock