Sauna cabin - Laukataguse puhkeküla

Sauna cabin

Our loghouse sauna cabin situated right next to the forest by a picturesque pond. The cabin has 7 sleeping berths in the attic; just right for a small group of friends or a family.


Mon-Thr 276 euros
Fri-Sun 330 euros

  • Size up to 55 m2
  • Quiet and private location next to the forest and by a pond with a separate driveway
  • A terrace with a swimming dock
  • Swimming in the pond
  • Ground level
    • Sauna and showers
    • Kitchen and living space
    • Stereo
    • Fireplace
    • Bathrooms

  • First Level 2 rooms with 7 beds
  • 1 extra sleeping option on a mattress
  • Snacks for sauna
  • Food is served as catering service if ordered in advance, the sample for the menu you can read here
  • During summer months the sauna cabin fits 20 people
  • During winter months fits up to 15 people
  • Parking for 6 veichles